Image by Robin Schreiner

Goddess Slavena

Welcome slave, you have only one chance. 

Your Goddess Slavena

Welcome to my site slave,


From now on, I'm your Goddess Slavena. You will address me by this name.

I may look like delicate flower, who wouldn't hurt a fly, but you should be a bit scared. I am gonna get a medieval on your ass.

Do you ask yourself how to be my slave?

  • Subscribing my onlyfans is your task number 1 ( ),

  • Your loyalty and obedience to me is a task number 2

  • Chastity cage and giving me the key is the task number 3.

If you want to meet me in real life you need to deserve it first.

You will obey me. I don't care about your whims.
Nobody will wipe your tears, but I may spit in your face for a good measure.
You will bring me roses and serve me. And for every pain, you will thank me.

You could be the king of the world but you will be my slave for a rest of your life.

Love me deeply and I will destroy you with deep love.


“You could be the most powerfull man in the world but next to me you are my slave.”

Slavena Albastova