Goddess Slavena

Welcome slave, you've got only one chance. 

Červené téma

Welcome kurva (bitch in Czech language),


I was born to fuck all my bitches with no mercy.


From now on, I'm your God Slavena and you are my property. 

I may look like delicate flower, who wouldn't hurt a fly, but you should be a bit scared. I am gonna get a medieval on your ass.

Become to my slave:

  • SUBSCRIBE MY FANSLY fansly.com/TigerSlavena 

  • I chat only on FANSLY

  • If you want the session - subscribe my fansly

  • There is a queue of slaves. It means that If you don`t behave like a gentleman to me > You will not get the chance. 

If you want to meet me in real life you need to deserve it first.


Love me deeply and I will destroy you with a deep love.


“You could be the most powerfull man in the world but next to me you are my slave.”

Slavena Albastova


Thanks, slave

Image by Ashton Mullins