Image by wildan alfani

Goddess Slavena

Welcome slave, you've got only one chance. 


Welcome kurva (bitch in Czech language),


I was born to fuck all my bitches with no mercy.


From now on, I'm your God Slavena and you are my property. 

I may look like delicate flower, who wouldn't hurt a fly, but you should be a bit scared. I am gonna get a medieval on your ass.

Become to my slave:


  • I chat only on FANSLY

  • If you want the session - subscribe my fansly

  • There is a queue of slaves. It means that If you don`t behave like a gentleman to me > You will not get the chance. 

If you want to meet me in real life you need to deserve it first.


Love me deeply and I will destroy you with deep love.


“You could be the most powerfull man in the world but next to me you are my slave.”

Slavena Albastova


Thanks, slave

Image by Ashton Mullins